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Track Listing
A Different Kind of Blue
Milestones' 2nd Cd

CD: £9 +P&P

1. So What
2. Freddie The Freeloader
3. Blue in Green
4. All Blues
5. Flamenco Sketches
Sketches of Miles
Milestones' 1st Cd

CD: £10 +P&P

Suite-Sketches of Miles (by Terry Seabrook):
  1.  That's What
  2.  Three Miles High, 
  3.  Sideways
  4.  Dark Moments
  5.  Boppin' for MD  
  6.  Sketches of the Orient 
  7.  The Devil's Own 
8.  Milestones (Miles Davis)
9.  Nardis (Miles Davis)             
10. Boplicity (Miles Davis)
11. Seven Steps to Heaven (Miles Davis)
Now Hear This! 
Cubana Bop's 3rd CD 

  CD: £8 +P&P

1.  El Mambo Rapido
2.  Into the Fire
3.  Would You Rather
4.  So They Say
5.  Sin Ti Estoy Perdido
6.  Cancion del Amor
7.  Jeannine (Duke Pearson)
8.  Time will Tell
9.  Now Hear This

All songs by Terry Seabrook except (7)
The Story So Far 
Cubana Bop's 2nd CD 

Currently Unavailable

1.  The prologue
2.  Baila
3.  Detour
4.  The Story So Far
5.  The Sidewinder (Lee Morgan)
6.  Our Man in Havana
7.  Descent
8.  Mi Tres Son (Dave Barnard)
9.   No Return
10.  Grooving High  (Dizzy Gillespie)
11.  You can take it or leave it
12.  Eleggua Ago (Trad.)
13. The Epilogue
All songs by Terry Seabrook except 5,8,10,12

Can't Stop Now

Cubana Bop's 1st CD (1995)


Currently Unavailable